My 410 Dev Space

Hello! This is my dev space for WRA 410.

About Me

Hi there! My name is Casey Boland. I am a sophomore at Michigan State University. I am currently studying both professional writing and advertising. I would like to work for a large ad company in the city after I graduate in 2019. I grew up in Chicago and would love to be able to go back and work there after graduation as well. Other organizations that I am a part of on campus include campus band, the Spoon University, and Habitat for Humanity. When I'm not at school or working, I love to travel, read, or play music on my flute, piano, and ukelele.

This site is dedicated to my experimentation with my own original code for my WRA 410 class. I don't consider myself a very techy person, but I am constantly surprising myself with how much I am actually able to do on my own. I can't wait to see what new content I am going to learn in this class (especially with Wordpress). Hopefully I end up creating more things than I break!